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Adam’s Tale and How Long Term Disability Insurance Could Have Helped

Adam had a good life. He married his high school sweetheart, and had a daughter. He had a good job working at an advertising agency, and things seemed to be going perfectly. That is, until everything changed.

One day, Adam decided to go hiking near his home. It had rained the night before and the rocks were still slick, but he didn’t think much about it. He’d done it before. Today was different. While traversing a particularly tricky section of rock, his foot slipped. He slid down the rock, and his ankle wedged in the crack between two separate sections, twisting his leg as he fell. Ultimately, Adam broke his leg in two places and severely tore multiple ligaments. He also caused damage to the hip joint.

The good news is that Adam had good health insurance. That paid for all of his medical care and his rehabilitation. However, he did not have long term disability insurance, and his family had to use up all of their savings to meet their financial obligations. It took months for him to heal enough to even attempt to walk again, and even longer before he was mobile once more. During that time, he had no way to earn an income ? all of his bills went unpaid. While he was ultimately able to walk once more, his financial future was bleak.

Understanding the Benefits of Long Term Disability Insurance

From Adam’s story, you should have at least a basic understanding of how long term disability insurance can benefit your life. It’s about achieving peace of mind knowing that you are protected, and that you will not have to dip into or even completely erase your savings to make ends meet if you were unable to work.

Disability insurance for individuals is designed to provide you with a percentage of your regular income for a specified period of time in the event of a qualifying illness, accident or injury. Note that this type of insurance is specifically created for situations in which you will be out of work for longer periods ? months, or even years in some cases. If you will only be out of work for a matter of weeks, short term disability insurance is needed.

Purchasing a policy from companies offering long term disability insurance gives you access to significant benefits:

Financial Support ? If you’re unable to meet your financial obligations due to a qualifying accident, injury or illness, your long term disability insurance policy will pay you a percentage of your regular salary. That money can then be used for anything you need, including:

Confidence ? Perhaps the most important benefit of long term disability coverage is the confidence you gain. You can live your life, confident in the knowledge that even a serious accident or illness will not alter your lifestyle or reduce your quality of life. You have peace of mind in knowing that bankruptcy and financial ruin are not in the cards for you, thanks to the savvy use of the best long term disability insurance.

Who Really Needs Long Term Disability Insurance, Anyway?

Who really needs to take advantage of a long term disability quote online? Who truly needs the protection offered by companies that offer long term disability insurance? The truth might surprise you ? anyone with an income that could be jeopardized needs the protection only this type of insurance can offer. Anyone with bills, anyone with a financial future that needs to be protected, should make use of this insurance.

According to US federal government statistics, only 2% of wage earners in the US believe that there’s a chance they could be disabled for a lengthy period of time and be without any form of income.

The truth is drastically different.

In fact, the Social Security Administration estimates that 1 in 4 people will suffer some type of long-term disability at least once during their working careers. That’s 25% of the US population who are at risk right now.

As an example, a 35-year-old man who is in good physical condition, is not over weight and does no smoke has a 21% chance of being disabled for at least three months at some point in his working career.

That’s a significant percentage. When you add in other risk factors, the likelihood of disability jumps dramatically. Some of those factors include:

The Sad Situation of Long Term Disability Insurance in the US

As mentioned, 25{66da7fe6588ae038edaa2d838a92b1369d04fa3aba9c176f71dc2c2ed828d30c} of the US population is at risk for long term disability, but few people actually have the protection they need to safeguard their financial future. Many people believe that if they were to become disabled for months or even years, state programs would be available to them.

However, most states offer no form of long term disability insurance at all. Other people believe the federal government will step in with protection, but the sad fact is that fewer than half of those who apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are approved. Over 2 million people applied for SSDI in 2013, but just 700,000 were approved. Where would you fall if you were to apply?

Don’t be yet another statistic.

The simple fact is that too many people lack any type of safety net. They have no defense against the uncertainty of life. Long term disability insurance can provide that safety.

Who Benefits from the Best Long Term Disability Insurance?

By this point, it should be clear that many people can benefit from purchasing long term disability insurance coverage. However, we need to break it down by population segment to ensure complete understanding and clarity. Single professionals, those starting new families, senior families and business owners all need the help and shelter offered by long term disability insurance.

Working with a Disability Insurance Agent

By working with a disability insurance agent, you gain access to invaluable insight, experience and professional knowledge. We have over 15 years of experience helping people just like you find the protection they need. Our team helps to connect you with insurance companies you know and trust, and to compare quotes on the cost of long term disability insurance for each insurer.


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